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Applications with products for low rated currents in the 185Power system
With the new base-system adapter, innovative solutions can be created in combination with the 185Power busbar system that were not previously possible.CrossBoard® products for applications with low rated currents can be easily contacted to the basic system adapter via the CrossLink® interface.

The ServiceTool for the MOTUS®C14
The ServiceTool for the MOTUS®C14 electronic motor starter provides you to set parameters for commissioning, retrieval error messages and real-time data during operation and import updates to update the device software. You can register to download the ServicTool.

Wöhner presents MOTUS®C14
With the motor starters of the MOTUS®C14 series from Wöhner, short circuits become less scary: Extremely fast switch off times in case of a short circuit, less space requirement and comprehensive functions for communication, diagnostics and data logging are among the key features of the MOTUS®C14 from Wöhner.

Just launched – MOTUS®C14
Experience the new dimension of motor starters and learn more about the C14-Technology, which delivers extremely fast short-circuit handling and ensures that the motor starter is intrinsically safe and can be restarted after a short circuit has been eliminated.

Trade fair dates
Wöhner presents it's products and technologies at international trade fairs. You can find the upcoming trade fair dates here.

Speed-Date with the future
Experience the world premiere of our revolutionary electronic motor starter MOTUS®C14. Don't miss the digital launch event on 24.11.2020 at 3pm (CET).

Information Covid-19
For the first time in a digitalized and globally connected world, humanity is experiencing how a pandemic confronts us all with unexpected risks, fears and limitations.

EQUES®185Power - Base-system adapter CrossBoard®
QUADRON®185Power - 4 in one NH fuse-switch-disconnector size 000
In order to be able to use products from the CrossBoard® product range in the 185Power system, Wöhner offers a new adaptation platform for a variety of products, as well as a complete assembly with 4 NH fuse switch-disconnectors.

New arrivals!
The CrossBoard® system’s world is supplemented by a further product – the new MOTUS®CrossBoard IO-Link. The IO-Link interface opens further possibilities of intelligent integration of MOTUS® products in machines and control systems.

Transformers inside 185Power
Integration without additional space. Our new current transformers for 185Power system.

Discover Broome10®. The new power supply from Wöhner
With BROOME10®, Wöhner developed for the first time for Automation and Control systems a 24Vdc power supply for direct contact on the CrossBoard®.

CrossBoard®: The global basic system
The new CrossBoard® is the modular system solution with which safe power distribution up to 125A can be quickly and easily realised, especially in machine and plant engineering.

OMUS®. The heat is on.
Discover the new electronic hybrid switch for resistive loads at the SPS/IPC/Drives in Nuremberg.
24.–26. November 2015, Hall 9, Stand 330

The new standard IEC/EN 61439
IEC/EN 61439 is the new standard for the construction, application, characteristics and verification of switchgear and controlgear assemblies and became valid exclusively from 1 November 2014.

185Power – The 185mm-based system solution
Since its launch in 2014, based on 185mm busbar technology, Wöhner has continued to develope new connection and fuse switch disconnectors technology for the System 185Power.

EQUES® universal adapter, 22.5mm wide
These new universal adapters have integrated fuses to protect various DIN rail mounted components, like measuring and monitoring relays, that can be mounted directly to the adapter.

EQUES®60Classic for Siemens S2 Motor Starter
A special designed EQUES®60Classic adapter has also been devised for the new Siemens S2 Motor Starter.

Busbar adapter for Siemens 3VA1 AND 3VA2
has developed an EQUES® busbar adapter for the new series of Siemens 3VA1 circuit breakers up to 160A in the System 30Compact range.

MOTUS® Less is more.
Small drives and motors with a power output of up to 4kW are frequently used in control technology and machine design.

60mm-System: Busbar system
Around the world, more and more mechanical and plant engineering companies are relying on 60mm busbar system technology from Wöhner.